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Chemistry Major

Effective Winter 2023


Students who elect a major in Chemistry may not elect the following majors: Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences, BS degree in Chemistry. They may also not elect any of the Chemistry minors.


Students develop a plan for the major in consultation with a program advisor. Prospective majors are advised that further study in chemistry requires adequate performance in early chemistry courses (preferably B- or better) as well as in the mathematics and physics prerequisites. Students interested in an Honors degree should see the Chemistry Honors advisor. Appointments are scheduled online at Students interested in the joint program with the College of Engineering should make an appointment with Newnan Advising [Academic Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall, 734.764.0332] and then make an appointment to see a Chemistry Department advisor online.

Grade Policies

The department strongly recommends that a student earn a grade of at least C– in all CHEM courses and mathematics, physics, and biology courses that are prerequisite for subsequent elections. A major program grade point average of at least 2.0 is required; this includes chemistry courses, mathematics, physics, and biology prerequisites, and advanced electives that are part of a major plan. Prerequisites must be taken for a grade. Students must request any change in a chemistry course grade within the first fifteen University Business days of the first full term following the term in which the disputed grade was issued.


  • CHEM 125/126 and 130 OR 5 credits of Chemistry electives for students who place into Chem 210 and do not take Chem 125/6 and 130 or who have AP credit for CHEM 125/126 and 130;
  • PHYSICS [140/141 or 150/151] and [240/241 or 250/251];
  • MATH 115 (or 120), 116 (or 121), or equivalent sequence;
  • CHEM 262; OR MATH 215 and one of MATH 216 or 217, or equivalent.


Minimum Credits: 40

Introductory Courses 

  • CHEM 210, 211, 241, 242, [(CHEM 230 and 261) OR CHEM 260], CHEM 302 OR CHEM 303

Advanced Lecture Courses

  • Three of the following: CHEM 215, 351, 402, 447; CHEM 461 OR CHEM 463 

Advanced Laboratory Courses

  • Three of the following: CHEM 216, 436, 462, 482, 483

Electives (to total 40 core credits)

Elective courses are to be selected with a Chemistry advisor. Students should elect chemistry courses (CHEM) numbered 300-level or higher, which may include undergraduate research (399/499) + honors thesis. No more than 4 credits of 399/398 may be used. An elective cannot be selected as one of the advanced lecture or lab courses to fulfill an above requirement.

  • CHEM 351, 352, 353, 399, 402, 419, 420, 421, 425, 436, 447, 451, 453, 455, 461, 462, 463, 465, 474, 482, 483, 499

Distribution Policy

No course used to fulfill a major requirement may be used toward the LSA Distribution Requirement. In addition, courses in the CHEM subject area may not be used toward the Distribution Requirement.


Students may obtain Honors in Chemistry by successfully completing all courses required for the Chemistry major with an overall GPA of 3.4 or above. In addition, students obtaining Honors must write a thesis based on their undergraduate research (at least 4 credits of CHEM 399 over at least two semesters). Students must register for one credit of CHEM 499 in the term in which they plan to submit their thesis.

Teaching Certificate

Those seeking a B.S. with a teaching certificate in Chemistry must fulfill departmental as well as School of Education requirements. Students who plan to earn a teaching certificate with a teaching major or minor in Chemistry should contact the School of Education Office of Academic Services.