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Art & Design Minor

Effective Winter 2015


Majors in the Stamps School of Art & Design may not enroll in the minor. The Stamps School of Art & Design suggests that students in the Arts & Ideas in the Humanities major in the Residential College and those students engaged in the American Culture minor in Digital Studies receive express written permission from those department before adding a minor in Art & Design to ensure that the focus of the minor in Art & Design is not redundant.


The Stamps School of Art & Design is committed to providing the entire undergraduate student body in LSA with a compelling opportunity to understand, appreciate and create art and design more fully, through a well-directed program of study. Students who wish to earn the minor in art and design must work with an art & design advisor to develop a coherent program of study based on the individual educational aspirations of the student. The Stamps academic advisor will consult with students enrolled in the minor to develop the focus of their plan of study. The assistant dean for undergraduate programs will exercise oversight of the minor and will certify each minor as complete. Peer advisors will provide supplemental and secondary advising assistance.

Smucker • Wagstaff Academic Programs Center
(734) 764-0397

2038 Art and Architecture Building
2000 Bonisteel Boulevard Appointments are scheduled online:


Select one course from either A or B, below.

  1. Drawing courses. One of:
    • ARTDES 100: Drawing I (observational) *
    • ARTDES 105: Drawing II (ideational) *
  2. Fundamental Dimensional courses. One of:
    • ARTDES 115: Studio 2D (two-dimensional work) *
    • ARTDES 120: Studio 3D (three-dimensional work)
    • ARTDES 125: Studio 4D (time-based work) *


Minimum Credits: 15

A minimum of 5 courses (and 15 credits), distributed as follows:

  1. One additional course selected from the prerequisite choices (3 credits).
    • Fundamental Dimensions. Students who took a drawing course as a prerequisite to the minor must select a dimensional course: ARTDES 115*, 120 or 125*.
    • Drawing. Students who took a dimensional course as a prerequisite to the minor must select a drawing course: ARTDES 100* or 105*.
  2. Two studio courses at the 200 level (minimum of 6 credits).
    • ARCH 211: Digital Drawing *
    • ARCH 218: Visual Studies *
    • ARTDES 200-219 *
    • ARTDES 225-299 *
    • MECHENG 250: Design and Manufacturing I *
    • PAT 201: Introduction to Computer Music
    • PAT 221: Computer Music *
    • PAT 280: Sound Reinforcement *
    • RCARTS 285: Photography
    • RCARTS 286: Sculpture
    • RCARTS 287: Printmaking
    • RCARTS 289: Ceramics
    • FTVM 290: Introduction to Media Production
    • THTREMUS 240: Introduction to Design
    • THTREMUS 256: Lighting Design I
    • THTREMUS 260: Scene Design I
    • THTREMUS 270: Costume Design I
    • UARTS 250: Creative Process
  3. Capstone: One studio course at the 300 level (or higher, with approval of the assistant dean for undergraduate programs in the Stamps School of Art & Design) (minimum of 3 credits).
    • ADABRD: 300-399 *
    • ARCH 312: Architectural Design
    • ARTDES: 300-397 *
    • PAT 331: Sound Recording I *
    • PAT 380: Sound for Theatre *
    • RCARTS 385: Interdisciplinary Photographic Applications
    • RCARTS 389: Ceramics Theory and Criticism
    • FTVM 300: Dramatic Narrative I
    • FTVM 304: The Experimental Screen I
    • FTVM 306: New Media Practices I
    • THTREMUS 356: Lighting Design II
    • THTREMUS 360: Scene Design II
    • THTREMUS 370: Costume Design II
  4. Electives. A minimum of three credits selected from the following courses:
    • ARTDES 130: Methods of Inquiry
    • ARTDES 150: Art and Design in Context
    • ARTDES 151: Art and Design History
    • ARTDES 155: Intersections *
    • ARTDES 160: Penny W. Stamps Lecture Series (3 iterations) *
    • HISTART 272: Modern Art: Avant-Garde to Contemporary,
    • HISTART 271: Origins of Modernism: Art and Culture in Nineteenth-Century France



  • Courses from other units within the University cannot be counted toward the minor without approval of the Assistant Dean.
  • With the exception of the foundation courses already mentioned as part of the minor, Stamps School 100-level courses may not be included in a program of study, because these courses do not progress beyond introductory instruction and so do not provide the level of rigor required by the minor.

Other Department Policies

Class election

Declared minors cannot be guaranteed enrollment in a given Stamps School course, but are given preference in registration over students who have not declared the minor. Classes marked with an (*) are defined as non-LSA, and count toward the limitations on non-LSA course work.


Transfer courses cannot be counted toward the minor without the approval of the assistant dean for undergraduate programs in the Stamps School.