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Readmission to the College

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts allows readmission of a student previously enrolled if the student left in good academic standing. Students who have been away for less than two years should contact the Office of the Registrar, 500 South State Street, to obtain an appointment for registration. Students who have been absent from the College for more than two full years (24 months) must apply for readmission by submitting an Application for Reactivation which is available from the Office of Academic Advising, 1255 Angell Hall. Students also must meet with an Academic Standards Board member. International students on temporary U.S. visa status (F-1 or J-1) who have missed a full year must must contact the International Center to have their visa status updated.

If a student has done academic work out of residence since leaving the College, official transcript(s) of that work should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Students suspended from the College for reasons of unsatisfactory academic performance must obtain permission to register from the Academic Standards Board. In these cases, the readmission decision rests entirely with the Academic Standards Board. Such students must make an appointment with a member of the Academic Standards Board at least eight weeks prior to the desired readmission term to discuss readmission to the College. Petitions requesting reinstatement should be received by the Academic Standards Board at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the term in question.

Individuals with a bachelor's degree who want to earn a second degree must obtain permission from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Normally, at least two calendar years must transpire between the awarding of the first baccalaureate degree and the beginning of the second baccalaureate degree program. Applicants must pursue an academic program significantly different from that of the first baccalaureate degree. Except in the case of joint degrees, the College does not award concurrent bachelor's degrees. For graduates of schools and colleges on the Ann Arbor campus, the two baccalaureate degrees should be different (for example, not two Bachelor of Arts or two Bachelor of Science degrees). The second degree program cannot be a BGS degree, and students whose first degree is the BGS degree are ineligible for a second Bachelor's degree. Applicants who already have an LSA degree must earn at least 30 credits in residence in LSA beyond the credits required for the first degree, with at least 15 of these credits in the new field of the major. These same requirements apply to graduates of another Ann Arbor unit who are seeking to complete a second UM degree through LSA. The second program must include a minimum of 100 LSA credits. To be considered for admission to a second baccalaureate degree program, all applicants who have a baccalaureate degree from the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan must have a 2.0 minimum grade point average.

Applicants whose first degree comes from any other institution (including U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint) will be required to complete at least 60 credits in residence at the Ann Arbor campus. The student must be registered in LSA for at least 30 credits beyond the credits required for the first degree. The second degree program must include a minimum of 100 LSA credits. To be considered for admission to a second baccalaureate degree program, applicants must have the same minimum grade point average as the College requires for students who transfer from other institutions.

Reinstatement after Suspension

  Students may be suspended from the College

  1. for incurring a significant honor point deficit in a single term or half-term,
  2. for failure to make satisfactory progress toward a degree, or
  3. for any other reason deemed sufficient under the policies of the LS&A Academic Standards Board.

Since first year students often experience problems adjusting to college, the Academic Standards Board maintains more liberal policies for them than for other students. As a general rule, unless there is a significant honor point deficit the first term, freshmen are placed on probation and are permitted a second term of enrollment to improve their level of academic performance. Similarly, transfer students are given special consideration unless the first term's work in residence shows marked inability to meet the academic standards of the College. However, there is no automatic, one-term probation period before a student may be suspended from the College.




A student who has been out of registration for over two years must meet with a Board member and complete an Application for Reactivation available from the Board member.

Students who left in good academic standing (i.e. were not suspended) will receive an e-mail notifying them that the Board staff has reactivated their record a few days after they have submitted the reactivation application. Once they receive this message, then they can contact the Office of the Registrar to obtain a registration time.  The Board member with whom they meet will provide information necessary for registration.

Students who did not leave in good academic standing (were suspended) and who have been out of registration for more than two years also must complete a reactivation application.  The Board member with whom they meet for their required readmit interview will provide them with this form.


The Board places on academic suspension students whose academic performance is endangering the likelihood of completing a degree program in the College.  Suspended students must be out of registration at UM for the 14 weeks of a Fall or Winter semester; students suspended after a Winter semester must be out of registration at least until the next Winter semester.  The Board expects most suspended students to complete successfully at least a semester of coursework at another college or university to demonstrate their readiness to resume work at UM.  If the student identifies health, mental health, financial or family issues as having largely caused his/her academic difficulties, then the student must address these issues and produce documentation (if appropriate) verifying the issues are manageable or no longer present.  A few weeks after receiving the suspension notification, the student can meet with a Board member to determine the most effective strategy for readmission.

Students apply for readmission by writing a petition (letter) to the Board.  Prior to writing the petition, students must meet with a Board member at least eight weeks prior to the term they would like to return.  At this meeting, the Board member will give the student guidelines for writing the readmission petition, list any documentation the student should include with the petition, and set a deadline for submitting the petition.  The student can contact the Board member during the petitioning process if he/she has any questions or concerns about readmission.  The Board will review the student's petition and one of the members will e-mail a decision to the student within a week to ten days. 

Timeline for Reactivation

Specific deadlines vary with the term

Students should contact the Newnan Advising Center to schedule an appointment with an Academic Standards Board member.  At the appointment, the student will be given the Application for Reactivation to fill out.  The Board member will then sign the application.  Students who are not in Ann Arbor may schedule a phone appointment (International Students who are out of the country do not need to schedule an appointment until they return to campus; International students will be given an electronic form to complete and then submit by email only if form can be signed or by fax).

Reactivation is automatic if the student left in good standing.  Once the form has been processed and the student has been reactivated, the student will receive an email along with an Information Sheet.

Reactivation can be done prior to the first day of classes for the term in which the student wishes to enroll. International students should request reactivation at least six weeks prior to the term for which they wish reactivation to allow time for the International Center to complete an I-20 Form.

Please note that applications for Spring, Summer or Fall Terms cannot be processed prior to February and applications for Winter Term cannot be processed before October.