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Future Theme Semesters

In conjunction with campus-wide events celebrating the university's bicentennial in 2017, LSA will sponsor two distinct theme semesters, the first (winter 2017) focusing on the university’s past and present and the second (fall 2017) examining the university today and the challenges it will likely face in coming generations. Course, programs, and other details will be released beginning in fall 2016.

Winter 2017: The Making of the University of Michigan

The winter 2017 theme semester addresses the university’s past and present, its “making” over time, since its 1817 founding, as a center for cultivating knowledge and creativity across an expanding array of disciplines and arts; as a force in public affairs locally, nationally, and globally; as a workplace; and as a way of life for its students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Courses and public events during the semester will emphasize change and continuity in university affairs as they have evolved over the whole course of the institution’s history—and will foster critical discussion of current issues in university life that excite interest among all members of its community. Broadly speaking, the theme semester will help students and faculty better answer the question, “Where are we today, and how did we get here?”


Fall 2017: Michigan Horizons: The Possible Futures of U-M 

The fall 2017 theme semester addresses the changing place of U-M today in American life and global society; the challenges and dilemmas before the university that are already evident or may be anticipated in coming years; and the varied ways and means—including alternative visions of fundamental reform—that can respond to present and future demands. Courses and public events during the semester will place U-M in the context of debates regarding the heritage and mission of public higher education and will examine the expectations and critiques that citizens, students, and scholars now bring to institutions like this one. Generally, the semester will encourage students and faculty to better answer the question, “Where are we now in dealing with present problems, and where do we go from here?”


LSA offers a large number of courses in support of theme semesters. These can be found in the special offerings section of the LSA Course Guide.