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The internship positions we offer in Italy are made available to Michigan students through contacts from generous and supportive U-M alumni, as well as our partnership with trusted placement agency IES Abroad. The industries and functions of the positions vary widely, yet they all offer the opportunity for an exciting and rewarding professional experience abroad!

IES Abroad

IES internships are available in a variety of fields. Once accepted, you are guaranteed an unpaid placement at a local business or organization, where you'll work at least 32 hours a week. You will also enroll in a required IES 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES interns, where you'll learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities. 3 UM course credits available. 

Before departure, IES works with interns on their résumés, cover letters, and communication and interview skills as preparation for working in a new cultural environment.  IES also organizes cultural events and optional field trips.

IES Payment

Internship program with 6 IES-credit course (8 weeks), Students will receive 3 UM credits:

  • Tuition: $5,345
  • Housing: $1,855
  • Insurance $130
  • TOTAL COST Approximately $7,330.00

Check out IES funding opportunities on their website: