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Internship positions are available in New Delhi and Dehradun, India.  For internships in New Delhi, India, we are partnering with our trusted non-profit placement agency, UBELONG as well as alumni hosted positions through our India Internship Initiative. Our UBELONG partner will help you choose your specific placement in various companies.  They will meet you at the airport, take you through a thorough orientation session and take you to your family homestay.  They will also accompany you to the first day of your internship placement.  Outside of New Delhi, internships are also available through our India Internship Initiative with the non-profit ANKURI in Dehradun. These projects focus on empowering women and children in the local community through education and financial opportunities.

Living Arrangements

UBELONG will connect you with a trusted host family.  This family will provide two meals per day for you.  If interning with Ankuri, you will live in-site in a beautiful mountain retreat, eating home-cooked meals.

For the India Internship Initiative positions you will be in charge of securing housing. Approximate costs for 8 weeks in India is $1,500.


For a six-week experience through the placement program UBELONG,  the cost (which includes a homestay and two meals per day) is approximately $1,000. This does not include airfare. The final program costs will be payable to UBELONG, not the University of Michigan.

For the India Internship Initiative positions the costs are approximately as follows:

Travel to India: $1,500
Housing for 8 weeks in India: $1,500
Living expenses in India for 8 weeks: $500
Visa cost: $150
Immunization cost: $100

STIPENDS: For 2016, there will be 10 $1,500.00 scholarship offerd to students accepted to a position through the India Internship Initiative.
South Asia Fellowships: Students are eligible to apply to these fellowships offered through the International Institute. Application details here.

We strongly encourage students to apply for stipends and scholarships from other units, departments, U-M entities.

Health Insurance

All U-M students traveling abroad in a U-M-affiliated program are required to purchase HTH Heath Insurance which cost $1.10/day.  You may register at:  You will also register your travel details and contact information through MCompass.