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Preventing Sexual Harassment

LSA is committed to creating a climate that is free of sexual harassment, supporting individuals who are affected by sexual harassment, and developing practices and knowledge to eradicate sexual harassment.

The University seeks to provide an academic and work environment in which all members of the University community are treated fairly and equitably and with the respect and dignity necessary to allow each member of this community to realize his or her full potential. Sexual harassment is contrary to this goal. Incidences of sexual harassment impede equal employment and educational opportunities, impede equal access to freedom of academic inquiry, diminish individual dignity, and present serious and unacceptable barriers to fulfilling the University's scholarly, research, educational, and service missions. Sexual harassment is a very serious matter with far-reaching effects on the lives and careers of individuals.


It is therefore imperative that sexual harassment has no place in LSA. To reach this goal, we are committed to the following priorities:

• Provide care, support, and protection for individuals who are affected by sexual harassment

• Create climates of dignity and respect that prevent sexual harassment

• Educate the LSA community about the nature, causes, and harm of sexual harassment

• Ensure that processes for responding to sexual harassment are not only compliant with University policies, but prioritize the well-being and goals of those who are affected

• Work closely with the University to make sure our sexual harassment policies, procedures, and processes are transparent, just, moral, and executed in a timely fashion; and that data on these processes are accurately communicated to our community

• Support scholarly work that makes an impact on eradicating sexual harassment in higher-education and in the broader society

• Engage in honest and rigorous self-examination to hold ourselves accountable to preventing and eradicating sexual harassment


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