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Winter 2014

The 2014 event has ended. Thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work, and to our sponsors for their generous contributions!

When: Weekend of March 28-29-30, 2014

Where: Language Resource Center, 1500 NorthQuad

NOTE: We are “Down the Stairs”

What Is a Translate-a-thon?

The Translate-a-thon is a short, intense, community-driven event when volunteers interested in translation come together to translate! We have collected videos, websites, and print from museums, non-profits, and university organizations… or bring your own project! You can work in teams or on your own.

The Translate-a-thon is organized by the Department of Comparative Literature and the Language Resource Center, with support from the Office of the Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education and the MCubed program.

Why participate?


  • you love to translateyou want practical experience in translation
  • you want to volunteer your linguistic talents to community service
  • you want to network with other up-and-coming, and established translators
  • Or you want the opportunity to have your translation used by the organizations involved!

… and there will be prizes! We will have a (UM undergrad only) drawing for an iPad, a Kindle, three $50 gift certificates or tickets for the Michigan Theater.



    • Translate organizations “how to” webpages into any other language. Check website in “Languages” to see what has already been translated. English to any language
  • Taring Padi
    • Translate “About” page of website, this group has worldwide interest in it’s work, multi-lingual pages are needed to better educate international audience on who they are. English to any language
  • Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels
    • Translate brochure and an Introduction to Meals on Wheels packet for new customers. English to Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish
  • Student Advocacy Center
    • Translate Disciplinary Hearing Preparation Worksheet. English to Spanish and Arabic
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County
    • Child’s Application for participation in program and Pre-Interview. English to Spanish 
  • Department of Environmental Quality/Michigan Department of Community Health
    • The Eat Safe Fish Guide lists the fish species that have been tested by MDCH and how much is safe to eat. These are only guidelines to help you make safer meal choices for you and your family. English to Spanish
  • Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
    • Health Benefits Information. English to Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese
  • Art, Architecture & Engineering Library/Digital Image Database
    • The library was given a large donation of slides, among which are ones of Japan circa 1956. About 35 of them are urban/village views which include signs. Having translations for the signs will help identify the locations, and if not certainly will flesh out the cataloguing of these images. (specific cities have been identified for some of the slides, but not for most) These images will end up in the AAEL Digital Image database, and are open-access (CC-BY SA). A number will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and to Flickr for wider access. Japanese to English 
  • Open.Michigan – Disaster Relief and Family Medicine Videos
    • Subtitle Youtube Videos. English to any language
  • Bentley Historical Library
  • Steiner Health
    • Excerpts of booklet on color therapy, about 20 pages. These documents will be used by professionals at clinic for treating patients with the prescribed therapy. German to English 
  • Ann Arbor Visitors Bureau
    • Translate certain words/phrases from AA Visitors Bureau website. Translated text will appear on our multilingual micro-sites. English to Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean 
  • Holocaust Memorial Center
    • Translate handwritten documents into English. German to English 
  • WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Supplemental Nutrition Program
    •  For UM School of Nursing, Outreach Flier, Breastfeeding publication. English to French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic
  • Jackson County Intermediate School District: Torrant Center
    • Translate parent form and informational handout(s). English to Spanish, Urdu, and any other language
  • Spectrum Center
    • Welcome Handbill. English to Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and any other language
  • The University of Michigan Library
    • Subtitle videos for library guide, inserting images, charts and other non-text objects, working with styles, adding page numbers, and creating landscape pages. English to French, Spanish, and Arabic
  • University of Michigan – Bukavu DRC
    • Documents provided by Prof. Janis Miller – U of M Ob/Gyn Dept. French to English
  • Michigan Department of Community Relations (MDCR)
    • Translate informational/educational brochures and poster for online dissemination.English to any Asian languages
  • MOST Ministries
    • Host Information Packet. English to Central American Spanish
  • The Ginsberg Center
    • Review video. Check foreign languages, If you notice any errors, let staff know language/timecode, and error.
  • University of Michigan Museum of Art
    •  It would be useful for us to have any number of object labels in the galleries translated into whatever language your participants would like. Click through the galleries and the objects in the galleries and bring up the texts about the pieces. They can translate these. English to any language
  • Corporate Behavior in Japan: Prof. Kiyoteru Tsutui
    • Translate a survey questionnaire and sample report written in Japanese into English. Japanese to English