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Upcoming Sessions

Thursday, December 3: Agency-Based Language Learning. Felix Kronenberg, Michigan State University; Register HERE

Monday, December 7: How Facilitating Learner Autonomy Can Foster Inclusivity. Pamela Bogart, University of Michigan; Register HERE


Past Sessions

Thursday, November 19: Exploring guided and independent learning practices to promote learner autonomy and self-regulation. Brian Barnett, Emily Groepper, Katrien Vanpee, University of Minnesota

Thursday, November 12: The Hands-Off Approach to Student Presentations: Gallery Walks in Intermediate Language Classes. Janaya Lasker-Ferretti, University of Michigan

Thursday, November 5: Willkommen, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, You Are Welcome Here. How Do Foreign Language Teachers Make Sense of LGBTQ Identities and Queer-Inclusive Practices in Their Classrooms. William Coghill-Behrends, University of Iowa

Monday, October 26: Asked and Answered?: Rethinking Class Questions…and Other Examples of Asynchronous Instructional Design as Social Justice in a (Post-) Covid World. Jennifer Gipson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, October 22: Technological Phonocentrism: Teaching Strategies for Signed Languages. Rebecca Clark and Jannelle Legg, University of Iowa

Thursday, October 15: Accommodating Diverse Student Needs in the Online and Remote Teaching Environment. Mandy Menke, University of Minnesota

Monday, October 5: You’re a Teacher, Not a Cop”: Prioritizing Access in Course Structure. Cecil Leigh Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, October 1: Is My Language Course Ableist? Identifying Tension Between Language Learning Course Design and Fairness for Disabled Learners. Caitlin Cornell, Michigan State University