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Recent SoConDi PhDs

Tridha Chatterjee:
"Bilingualism, language contact and change: The case of Bengali and English in India"

Erica Beck: “The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Discrimination by 5-7 Year Old Children”

Joseph Tyler: “Discourse Prosody in Production and Perception”

Brook Hefright: “Language Contact as Bilingual Contrast among Bai Language Users in Jianchuan County”

Lauren Squires: “Sociolinguistic priming and the perception of agreement variation: Testing predictions of exemplar-theoretic grammar”

Sai Samant: “Arab American Youth and Sound Change in Southeastern Michigan”

Chris Odato: “Children’s Development of Knowledge and Beliefs about English like (s)”

Anna Babel: “Contact and Contrast in Valley Spanish”


Lisa Del Torto: “Ci arrangiamo: Negotiating linguistic shift-maintenance in an Italian-Canadian community”

Vera Irwin: “More than just ethnic: Negotiation of ethnicity through language among Russian German re-settlers and Jewish refugees from the Former Soviet Union in Germany”


Rizwan Ahmad: “Shifting dunes: Changing meanings of Urdu in India”

Wilfredo Valentin-Marquez: “Doing being boricua: Perceptions of national identity and the sociolinguistic distribution of liquid variables in Puerto Rican Spanish”

Katherine Chen: “Bilinguals in style: Linguistic practices and ideologies of Cantonese-English codemixers in Hong Kong”

Nancy Perez: “Synchronic and diachronic Matlatzinkan phonology”

Nic Pharris: “Winuunsi tm talapaas: A grammar of the Molalla language”

Mark Sicoli: “Tono: A linguistic ethnography of tone and voice in a Zapotec region”


Erik Schleef: “Navigating joint activities in English and German academic discourse: Form, function, and sociolinguistic distribution of discourse markers and question tags”

Jennifer Nguyen: “The changing social and linguistic orientation of the African American middle class”

Ashley Williams: “Bilingualism and the construction of ethnic identity among Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area”


Bridget Anderson: “An acoustic study of Southeastern Michigan Appalachian and African-American Southern migrant vowel systems”

Elizabeth Axelson: “A longitudinal study of intercultural discourse in a Master’s thesis project group”

Dushy Mendis: “Bathtubs, black holes and kitchen sinks: Metaphor in academic speech”


Holly Cashman: “Doing being bilingual: Language maintenance, language shift, and conversational codeswitching in southwest”

Ruth Goetz: “Investigating language maintenance: Social correlates of language choice among the Dehong Dai”


Judy Dyer: “Language and identity in a Scottish-English community: A phonological and discoursal analysis”

Ana Ostermann: “Reifying and defying sisterhood in discourse: Communities of practice at work at an all-female police station and a feminist crisis intervention center in Brazil”

Stephanie Lindemann: “Non-native speaker “incompetence” as a construction of the native listener: Attitudes and their relationship to perception and comprehension of Korean-accented English”

Bruce Spencer: “Variation, standardization, and language shift: The decline of Low German in the Early Modern period”