All are cordially invited to join a free, virtual Loose Lips Comedy Show, the (W@tch Your F*%#!ng) Language Edition! Hosted by Linguistics graduate student Emily Sabo, the event features seven different comics who have been given a language-related challenge for the show. 

Event Details


  • Your Host: Emily Rae Sabo

  • Your Headliner: Hunter Hill (as seen on NETFLIX and on tour w/ Iliza Schlesinger)!

  • The Lineup: Rising stars coming to us from across the country: Diego Attanasio (Peruvian comic who knows ASL and has featured for Tig Notaro), Josh Waldron (NorCal comic, producer of The Hell Show), Jay Hunter (funny local Detroit comic), Kelly Collette (Cincinnati Magazine's Best Local Comedian), Ellie Snyder (hilarious Ann Arbor comic!), and Brad Silnutzer (who you've seen on Netflix, Comedy Central and is a producer for The Bachelor).

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Two simple rules:

  1. Mute your mic if you have any background noise (e.g. kids, dishwasher, TV...). Otherwise, you can keep your mics and videos on! The comics like to hear your laughter and see your smiling faces.

  2. Have fun! And no heckling.

Sponsor Acknowledgement

Thank you to the U-M Linguistics Department, which has generously funded this show as a way of keeping our department and linguistics community connected and laughing during this extraordinary time. I'm very grateful to the department for this financial support, which allows us to support comedians who aren't able to sustain their livelihoods right now through in-person shows. 

~ Emily Sabo