An article on the Argentine-Afrikaans Collaboratory was published by the Rackham Graduate School on October 30, highlighting the contributions of graduate students. 

Written by James Dau, the article Speaking Their Legacy focuses on the contributions of three PhD students who collaborate on the project: Dominique Bouavichith, Jiseung Kim, and Micha Fischer, PhD student in the U-M Survey Methodology Program. 

“This is such a great article that underscores the fundamental role held by graduate students during all phases of our project,” said professor Nicholas Henriksen, the project’s principal investigator. “Time and again, our graduate student collaborators have provided a fresh and needed perspective to our research that has allowed our team members to see beyond the disciplinary boundaries of our individual areas of expertise.”

Read the full article on the Rackham website.

About the Project

From Africa to Patagonia: Voices of Displacement is an interdisciplinary and inter-generational research team investigating a unique linguistic and cultural contact situation between Spanish and Afrikaans in Patagonia, Argentina. 

Photo by Richard Finn Gregory