Assistant professor Natasha Abner will present "A manual for encoding events" at the Princeton Symposium on Syntactic Theory, to be held on April 1 and 2, 2022. 

Title: A manual for encoding events
Description: Events in the world unfold in different ways and the way we talk about the world reflects these differences. In this talk, I’ll present a series of studies that explore biases in how we talk about events, focusing on what happens when how we talk about events is with our hands.  These studies examine (a) abstract linguistic structures that underlie both sign and speech, (b) modality effects that shape how these structures are manifested in signed versus spoken languages, and (c) patterns in gesture that suggest certain phenomena may be driven by broader communicative or cognitive biases and not restricted to language.

Professor Abner will give her presentation at 1:45 pm on Saturday, April 2. 

The Princeton Symposium is free, but registration is required: Virtual attendees must register by March 31 to receive Zoom details prior to the start of the workshop.