Michigan Linguistics was very well represented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistc Society of America, held in Washington DC, January 7-10. Marlyse Baptista and Andries Coetzee served as co-chairs of the Program Committee, overseeing the intellectual content of the meeting. Several members of our community received awards from the LSA (more below), and no fewer than twelve presentaitons were given by our faculty, students and alums.



The abstracts for these presentations are available in the meeting handbook at this link. The names of presenters with a Michigan affiliation are underscored. Apologies to anyone we have missed!

  • Marlyse Baptista, Manuel Veiga, Sérgio Costa & Lígia Herbert Robalo. Language contact in Cape Verdean Creole: a study of bidirectional influences in two contact settings.
  • Sally Thomason. A Haisla-Chinook Jargon-Tsimshian wordlist, ca. 1900.
  • Andrew Lamont (undergrad alum). Implications of a typology of progressive place assimilation.  (2nd Place Student Abstract Award Winner)
  • Joseph Tyler (graduate alum). The social and semantic-pragmatic meanings of terminal rising pitch.
  • Rachel Steindel Burdin & Joseph Tyler (graduate alum). List intonation and speaker beliefs about listener knowledge.
  • Tridha Chatterjee (graduate alum). Structural changes and stylistic choices: the case of Bengali-English bilingual.
  • Amy Hemmeter (undergraduate alum). Social and acoustic factors in the perception of creak.
  • Mark A. Sicoli (graduate alum). Contrasts and parallelisms: focal and framing resonance in Lachixío Zapotec.
  • Mina Sugimura & Miki Obata (graduate alum). Outer/inner morphology: the dichotomy of Japanese renyoo verbs and nouns.
  • Nicholas Baier (undergraduate alum). Deriving partial anti-agreement . (1st Place Student Abstract Award Winner)
  • Dibella Wdzenczny (undergraduate alum). Move along, Proto-Chukotian: new cases from noun incorporation
  • Jonathan Yip (graduate alum) & Diana Archangeli. Stress, syllabification, and the articulation of mid-vowels in two dialects of Sasak.