Several Linguistics faculty and graduate students participated in the 2019 Linguistic Institute at the University of California, Davis, from June 24 through July 19. The Linguistic Society of America has sponsored the Linguistic Institutes since the first one was held in 1928. This year’s theme was Linguistics in the Digital Era

Three Linguistics faculty members were among the many instructors who taught courses at the 2019 institute. Collegiate fellow Savi Namboodiripad taught a course on Experimental Syntax; professor Pam Beddor taught a course on Speech Perception with U-M alumnus Kevin McGowan (‘11); and professor Marlyse Baptista taught a course on Pidgins and Creoles. She was also invited to give a talk at the “Advancing African American Linguistics Symposium,” organized by Anne Charity Hudley, Mary Bucholtz and Nicole Holliday.

Also attending were Linguistics graduate students Aliaksei Akimenka, Danielle Burgess, Lauretta Cheng, and Alex Kramer. See photos from the 2019 Linguistics Institute in the gallery below.

Aliaksei Akimenka attended courses on Advanced Syntax (Case Theory - Controversies and Advances), Battles in the Mind Fields (Rupture and Continuity in the Mind Sciences), Constructionist Approaches, Language and Cognition, and Lexicon in Linguistic Theory. 

Danielle Burgess, one of several recipients of a 2019 Linguistic Institute Fellowship, attended courses in Computational Psycholinguistics, Computational Learning Theory, Information-Theoretic Approaches to Linguistics, and The Bilingual Brain.

Lauretta Cheng, one of several recipients of a 2019 Linguistic Institute Fellowship, attended courses on Laboratory Phonology, Introduction to Psycholinguistics, Neurobiology of Language, and The Bilingual Brain. She also presented a poster, "Cantonese consonant mergers-in-progress in Hong Kong and Vancouver, BC," at the 5th Workshop on Sound Change (a satellite conference).

Alex Kramer attended courses on Computational Psycholinguistics, Information Theoretic Approaches to Linguistics, Modeling Linguistic Networks, and Constructionist Approaches.

Photos from the 2019 Linguistics Institute: Above,  Aliaksei Akimenka and Danielle Burgess. Below (from left), 1) Savi Namboodiripad; 2) Pam Beddor; 3) Marlyse Baptista; 4) Alex Kramer, Lauretta Cheng, and Danielle Burgess enjoy the Napa Valley tour, one of several outings hosted by the Insitute.