Last week, we celebrated the achievements of our linguistics undergraduate students in the Ling 497 Capstone Course Poster Session. This session was on Field Methods and Language Documentation, and Cognitive Linguistics. The two capstone courses were taught by Professor Jeff Heath and Associate Professor Carmel O’Shannessy. In Carmel’s course, students approached the Basque language as if it was undocumented, and conducted research to shed light on its linguistic qualities. In Jeff’s class, students The students learned about various lines of research in cognitive linguistics, including prelinguistic conceptual structures (image schemas, force dynamics, idealized conceptual models), ways to model semantic extensions, the interaction between constructional and compositional forms and meanings, the connection between on-stage representation and off-stage grounding, and joint attentional processes. By mid-semester the students were doing many of the in-class presentations.

Take a look at some photos from the session with students and their posters!