Second-year doctoral student Tzu-Yun Tung has been awarded a Rackham Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship.

The Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship is an award to outstanding students in Rackham programs who have earned a previous degree from a university in Taiwan. Awards of $10,000 may be used as stipend or tuition. Six Chia-Lun Lo Fellowships were awarded campus-wide in the 2018-19 academic year.

This funding will allow Tzu-Yun to return to Taiwan during the summer of 2019 and complete the experimental research necessary for her qualifying research paper (QRP). The funding is crucial in that it will enable Tzu-Yun to recruit Mandarin speakers more easily for her project on Mandarin sentence processing. Her QRP project focuses on revealing and accounting for the processing profile of Mandarin relative clauses.

In the last three consecutive years, Linguistics PhD students have been very successful in being awarded the Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship. Recent recipients include Chia-Wen Lo, Lucy Chiang, and Tzu-Yun Tung (pictured at left).

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