Eleven students in the Linguistics seminar Gesture, Sign, and Speech (Ling 497), taught by Assistant Professor Natasha Abner, presented their research posters on April 25 in Lorch Hall.

The course has investigated diverse topics in the field of gesture studies, from the form properties of gestures themselves to the ways that gesture reveals differences in how we think about the world. The students' research projects (listed below the photos) illustrate the breadth of topics they've covered.

Capstone Poster Session, Spring 2019, projects and participants:

Conflicting Gestures and Their Effects on Comprehension
Alexis Ball 

Pedagogical insights into gesture
Aksel Ozer 

Thinking Outside the Box: An examination of the gesture in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Orange County
Kennedy Henderson

The Planning of Gesture and Language
Hebe Clarke

Gesture Frequency in Bilingual Speakers
Maeve Poggensee

Using Gesture to Learn Spatial Concepts of a Second Language
Alex Druckmiller

Gesture in Communication between Deaf and Hearing Peers: A Trajectory of Development and Study
Jackie Somers

Gesture in Queer Poetry: A Guide to Discerning Queer Spaces from Straight Ones
Mitchel Dipzinski

How Bilinguals Gesture: A Look at Gesture Switching
Olivianie Celina

Changes in Gesture Across Formality Registers in Metropolitan French
Jeremy Ray 

Gesturing in Blind Individuals: An Act of Mutual Communication
Cody Zeisler