U-M Linguistics Associate Professor Ezra Keshet presented at two conferences earlier this month on Dynamic Update Anaphora Logic (DUAL).

DUAL is a new dynamic semantic system that aims to cover all major types of anaphora, including plurals and paycheck pronouns, in a system that better captures parallels between simple and quantified sentences. In particular, DUAL allows anaphora to whole clause meanings in addition to the typical anaphora to individuals. Collecting all possible individuals that can value a pronoun inside such a clause meaning allows DUAL to capture plurals and more complex types of anaphora. Read Keshet’s abstract on DUAL here. Look thorugh his slideshow from the presentations here.

New Ideas in Semantics and Modeling 2016 (NISM) took place in Paris, France and was organized by Claire Beyssade (Paris 8 U.), Alda Mari (ENS & EHESS), and David Nicolas (ENS & EHESS). NISM targets the renewed community in Formal Semantics and Pragmatics. The conference is open to papers from any theoretical framework as long as new empirical data are clearly complemented with a formal analysis.

Sinn und Bedeutung 21 was hosted by the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Sinn und Bedeutung is an annual European conference on Semantics that moves from city to city. This year it was organized by University of Edinburgh’s Rob Truswell, Chris Cummins, Nikolas Gisborne, Caroline Heycock, Hannah Rohde, and Marieke Schouwstra.

Find out more information on Ezra and his work here!