Linguistic Society of America

A number of graduate students from the department attended the biannual LSA Summer Institute, held at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst from June 19 through July 14. The theme of the 2023 Institute was “Linguistics as Cognitive Science: Universality and Variation,” and it featured more than 80 courses and workshops. 

As in other recent Institutes, our Department was able to provide UM Linguistics Ph.D. students with fellowships to help with the cost of the Institute tuition and travel expenses. Among the U-M Linguistics graduate students that attended the Institute are Aya Halabi, Jungyun Seo, Promise McEntire and Sophia Eakins (who also received an LSA Institute Fellowship). 

This prestigious Institute provides opportunities for linguists from across the world to come together, collaborate and learn from leading researchers in various areas of the field. Below is a summary of the courses our graduate students participated in: 


Aya Halabi: “Introduction to Syntax” , “Advanced Syntax”, “Feeding and Bleeding in Syntax”, “Agree(ment) via Satisfaction and Interaction”, “Case licensing”, “Creoles and Pidgins”, and “Recent Advances in Neurolinguistics”


Jungyun Seo: “Introduction to Computational Linguistics”, “Cognitive Control of Speech Articulation”, “Introduction to Prosody”, and “Sentence production”


Promise McEntire: “Language Contact in Africa”, “Issues in the Syntax of African Languages”, “Historical Semantics”, “The Syntax of Contact”, and “Introduction to Historical Sociolinguistics”


Sophia Eakins: “Language, Social Stereotypes and Cognition”, “The Cognitive Foundations of Language Regard”, “Laboratory Phonology”, and “How Universal Is Variation? Variation in Heritage Languages”