Michigan Linguistics was again very well represented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 7 - 10, 2018. Two linguists from our department received awards from the LSA (more below), and there were 10 conference presentations by our faculty, students and alumni.




The abstracts for these presentations are available in the meeting schedule linked here. The names of presenters with a Michigan affiliation are underlined:

Natasha Abner, Ryan King. Event Structure Markings in Sign Language and Gesture.

Marlyse Baptista, Ken Kollman, Jinho Baik,  and Alton Worthington. Modelling Dynamic Processes and Language Shift in Creole Genesis.

Ariana Bancu. Language Profile and Syntactic Change in Two Multilingual Communities.

Ian Calloway. The Influence of Self-Perceived Power on Gender and Sibilant Perception.

Hayley Heaton. Shifting Language Attitudes Through Accented Characters on Television.

Marjorie Herbert, Acrisio Pires, Jon Brennan. A Principle Component Analysis of Variable Signing in Deaf ASL-English Bilinguals.

Hezao Ke, Acrisio Pires. Covert Reflexive Argument in Relational Nouns.

Ezra Keshet. Counterexamples to Dahl’s “Many Prounouns” Puzzle.

Ezra Keshet and David Medeiros (graduate alumnus, now California State University, Northridge). Imperative-and-Declarative “Pseudo-imperatives” are Real Imperatives.

Kelly Wright. Eye-Tracking for Change: Investigating Institutionalized Racism Through the Semantic Enregisterment of Racialized Adjectives.


Please let us know if we missed anyone!