Michigan Linguistics was well represented at Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) 2015 that was held in Atlanta, October 29-31. In addition to a keynote address by Nick Ellis, there were three other presentations given by members of the Michigan linguistics community. We give the titles of the Michigan presentations below. The abstracts are available in the conference handbook here.

Nick Ellis (keynote address): Usage‐based approaches to language acquisition and processing

Andries Coetzee, Lorenzo García-Amaya, Nicholas Henriksen and Daan Wissing (North-West University, South Africa): Transfer effects in bilingual rhythm: Afrikaans-Spanish bilinguals in Patagonia

Myrna Cintrón Valentín and Nick Ellis: Explicit instruction and learned attentional biases in Latin L2 acquisition

Dave Ogden: Effects of experience in second-language perception: Non-native vowel context speeds identification of non-native consonant categories