Many graduate students and faculty from the department participated in the 97th Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America. The meeting was held in person in Denver, CO from January 5-8,  featuring its multiple paper presentation sessions. It was held concurrently with the annual meetings of the American Dialect Society (ADS) and the North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences (NAAHoLS), as well as other special events. 

Jessi Grieser delivered the luncheon keynote at the American Dialect Society (ADS) conference, "Breaking NORMS: What Cities Still Have to Teach Us in the 21st Century."

Savithry Namboodiripad facilitated a workshop for the LSA Session on hiring, tenure, and promotion. This session invited discussion around hiring and evaluation practices, focusing on, but not limited to, tenure-track faculty/hires. 

Andries Coetzee participated in a plenary panel discussion organized by LSA president John Baugh and US Santa Barbara graduate student deandre miles-hercules, exploring the challenges that the LSA has faced over the past few years. Andries participated in his role as editor of Language, with a presentation titled “Language: A journal of and for the linguistic community”.

Andrew McInnerney and Yourdanis Sedarous had a poster accepted at LSA, which Yourdanis presented: 'Effects of extractee category in adjunct-island strength: Nominals vs. Prepositional Phrases'. 

Iman Sheydaei Baghdadeh presented virtually during the poster session "Exploring the local enregisterment of Dearborn English in southeastern Michigan". You can read the full poster here.

Emma Santelmann presented a poster, "Complicating monolithic notions of race: A variationist analysis of the California Vowel Shift among Armenian Americans" based on sociolinguistic interviews conducted with Armenian Americans in California.

Aliaksei (Alex) Akimenka gave a poster “Raising to Object in ECM: A-movement without Internal Merge?”

Danielle Burgess presented a poster titled "Is a preference for leftward marking of standard negation universal?" Danielle also co-presented a talk with Department alumnae Joy Peltier and Alicia Stevers, and professor Marlyse Baptista titled "Linguists and Creole Speakers Meet: A Community-Based Approach to Revitalizing Creole Linguistics Pedagogy".

Felicia Bisnath gave a talk "Mouthing constructions in 37 signed languages: typology, ecology and ideology" — the associated paper will come out in the Journal of Language Contact 16.1. The slides for the presentation are here.