Huteng Dai

The Linguistics Department is delighted to announce that Dr. Huteng Dai will join the department as a new assistant professor in the Fall 2024.

Huteng Dai is a computational linguist and theoretical phonologist. He recently completed his PhD at the Department of Linguistics at Rutgers University with a Cognitive Science Certificate. His research focuses on understanding how humans and machines learn languages, especially sound patterns, from noisy, real-world data. He has integrated insights from formal language theory and machine learning to build a computational theory of phonological learning. His work has been recognized through invited colloquia at external institutions, including MIT and UC Irvine, as well as talks at leading conferences in both computational and theoretical linguistics, such as the Annual Meeting of Phonology (AMP), Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL), and ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology (SIGMORPHON). His latest paper, “An Exception-Filtering Approach to Phonotactic Learning,” is set to be published in Phonology.