Diane Larsen-Freeman

Diane Larsen-Freeman, an alumna and former faculty member from the University of Michigan, has made significant contributions to the fields of linguistics and language education throughout her esteemed career. Her pioneering work has been recognized by both the Language Teaching Research Quarterly (LTRQ) and the Cognitive Science Society in the past few months.

Language Teaching Research Quarterly: A Special Tribute

Language Teaching Research Quarterly recently honored Larsen-Freeman by dedicating a special issue to her lifetime of achievements in the field of language teaching and learning. The publication gathered a series of papers that collectively highlighted Larsen-Freeman’s influential roles as a teacher, researcher, author, and editor. This tribute from the LTRQ illustrates her profound impact on improving our understanding of how languages are taught and learned.

Election to the Cognitive Science Society Fellowship

Larsen-Freeman's interdisciplinary approach to research, combining elements of linguistics with cognitive science, has led to her election as a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society. This honor is bestowed on individuals who have produced research of sustained excellence and who have significantly influenced the cognitive science community. Through her work, Larsen-Freeman has contributed to our understanding of the cognitive aspects of language acquisition and use, further bridging the gap between linguistics and cognitive science.

Through these recognitions, it is clear that Diane Larsen-Freeman's work resonates deeply within the academic community. Fellow scholars, educators, and researchers in linguistics and cognitive sciences alike continue to be inspired by her innovative approach to language study. The Department of Linguistics proudly acknowledges these accolades as a reflection of her tireless pursuit of knowledge and passion for educating others.