Associate Professor Natasha Abner of the University of Michigan recently showcased the joys and achievements of the 2024 summer session at Camp Looking Glass through a compelling recap video shared with the community.

Camp Looking Glass is a vital 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to inclusivity, offering year-round recreational and summer sleep-away camp experiences for people with disabilities in the Mississippi Delta – all at no cost to participants and their families. Run entirely by volunteers, the camp focuses on celebrating its participants in all aspects of life. 

Professor Abner, who has been a part of the Camp Looking Glass family since 2006, plays a pivotal role as a volunteer director and member of the Board of Directors. Her commitment shines through in the video, which captures campers engaging in various activities designed to foster joy, connection, and self-confidence.

Through the blur of these images we see the clear vision of Camp's mission: the growth of enduring friendships across the spectrum of ability. Each year, as Natasha and Alex recreate this treasured moment, they celebrate the unique bond between campers that defies the scarcity of programs for disabled adults — a beacon of inclusion shining brightly in the Mississippi Delta.

Volunteers drive the success of the camp, working together to support and empower campers. The video, available on Camp Looking Glass's YouTube channel, invites viewers to understand the camp's mission and its profound impact.

Those who feel inspired by the camp's mission can learn more about how to get involved through the Camp Looking Glass website and Facebook page. Celebrate diversity and make a difference by considering how you can be part of Camp Looking Glass's wonderful work.