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Jane Stuart-Smith Colloquium

"A tale of one city: A sociophonetic study of 100+ years of Glaswegian vernacular"
Friday, March 24, 2017
4:00-5:30 PM
250 Hutchins Hall Map
Jane Stuart-Smith will present a talk entitled, "A tale of one city: A sociophonetic study of 100+ years of Glaswegian vernacular."

Sociophonetic research unites the social and the phonetic in terms of theory, method and practice (e.g. Foulkes and Docherty 2006; Foulkes 2010). Insights can be gained from placing phonetic and phonological findings within their social context. Recent advances in phonetic methods can enhance our descriptions and understanding of speech in practice. This talk illustrates the rewards of doing sociophonetic research by considering a case study which takes a particular sociological context, Glasgow, a large industrial city over the 20th century, and examines phonological variation and change over the same period in its vernacular dialect (Stuart-Smith et al in press 2017; Stuart-Smith et al in press 2017; Sounds of the City). Specifically I will present findings from novel phonetic investigation into three areas of the consonantal system, coda /r l/ (cf Stuart-Smith et al 2015), fricatives /s ʃ/ (cf Stuart-Smith 2007), and the stop voicing contrast /b d t d k g/ (cf Stuart-Smith et al 2015). The results demonstrate how sound changes are linked with the changing social context in which they occur for this speech community over time. They also show how the inclusion of social information can enhance our understanding of phonetic and phonological processes more generally.


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Building: Hutchins Hall
Event Type: Lecture / Discussion
Tags: AEM Featured, colloquium, Discussion, Language
Source: Happening @ Michigan from Department of Linguistics