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Alumni and Friends

Greetings to Our LHSP Alumni.

Ever wonder what happened to your freshman roommate, or that quirky girl who lived down the hall from you? Wish you could let your LHSP friends know what you are up to these days? Want to stay connected to the program? We invite you to join our LHSP Alumni & Friends link. Just email us with memories of LHSP and updates on your personal or professional life. We look forward to creating an active alumni network.

Make a Gift

In LHSP, we strive to provide our students with world-class art and writing opportunities all within the context of a supportive living and learning community. Thank you for considering supporting LHSP in return with a gift to our General Fund or our Special Arts Fund.


Want to get more involved in Lloyd Hall? We're always looking for alumni and friends who might be interested to come to Lloyd, meet with and talk to students, give a performance, show your artwork — whatever your skills. We're especially interested if you have continued your interests in writing and the arts, or have undertaken inspiring leadership opportunities. Please let us know about them! Contact our office and we will discuss possibilities to come to LHSP to give a lecture or workshop. 

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