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14th Annual Latin@ Culture Show

Thursday, April 17, 2014
12:00 AM
Mendelssohn Theatre, Michigan League

The Latino Culture Show serves to expose, promote, and educate the greater campus community of Latino history and culture in the United States through a variety of artistic performances

History of the Latin@ Culture Show

The Latin@ Culture Show, LCS, serves to broaden awareness of the spectrum of Latino culture through artistic expression. As a student-run program, LCS provides the opportunity for University of Michigan students, faculty, and Ann Arbor residents to learn and share in a variety of experiences brought to life on stage by community participants. Since it’s founding in March 2001, the mission of LCS has been to promote and embrace the often over-looked Latino presence at the University of Michigan. Since then the show has grown tremendously in its production has attracted large numbers of community members to both participate in and attend the celebration. Staying true to its promise, students work collectively to help coordinate this innovative event as LCS continues to demonstrate the limitless contributions of Latinos to our local university, community and in mainstream society.  The Latin@ Culture Show provides a space to analyze, critique and appreciate a culture that most are unfamiliar with, while also providing the opportunity for the students involved to share their insights, talents and creativity in a production that gives voice to marginalized people.

Purpose and Contribution

  • To expose the Ann Arbor community to the Latino culture through music, dance, dialogue and spoken word
  • To educate the community of Latin@ history and the evolution of our culture by emphasizing both the similarities and differences found within our culture.  
  • To challenge stereotypes about the Latin@ community by projecting the reality of our experience.To promote a balance between the appreciation of our heritage and prospect of our future to all attendees.

Contact person: Rebecca Villegas                       
Email address:  
Telephone: 269-357-3035