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The Associates of the Kelsey Museum, 2000–2001

Jane Schwenk (left) and Christine Crockett enjoy the reception portion of the recent Associates Spring Event.

The Kelsey Museum Associates sponsor the Museum's outreach and development activities and provide program support. The public is encouraged to join the Associates and participate in Museum activities. For more information call 734-763-3559.

Associates Board

Christine Crockett, President
Becky Loomis, Vice President
Tina Smith, Secretary
Robert Macek, Treasurer
Sharon Herbert, ex officio
Susan Darrow
Priscilla Gallinger
Pearson Macek
Judy McIntosh
Karen Koykka Oneal
Karl Pohrt
Haldon Smith
Beth VanLiere
Ann Van Rosevelt



Mrs. Alice Berle Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Meader
Julie A. Sandler


George E. Mendenhall
Ann Van Rosevelt


Professor Lawrence Berlin
Rebecca and Harold Bonnell
Dr. and Mrs. Ethan Braunstein
Tom and Jean Dickinson
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Hosmer
Robert and Pearson Macek
Bernice and Herman Merte
Mr. and Mrs. Cruse W. Moss
Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Pearson
David G. Richardson and Cheryl Gross
Mrs. Richard C. Schneider
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Scioly
Mrs. Barbara Stieler Thompson


Ms. Helen Adams-Murray
Herb and Carol Amster
Mr. and Mrs. Essel Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. John Beatty
David G. Cameron
Judith and Edwin Carlson
Carol and Ted Carzon
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Coates
Mrs. Lolagene Coombs
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Darrow
Dr. and Mrs. James Duderstadt
Professor Ilene Forsyth
Priscilla A. Gallinger
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Griffith
Dr. James Harris
Susan and Hayden Harris
Ruth and Paul Hays
Lynn Hobbs
John Jascob
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jensen
Professor Meredith Klaus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Laity
John K. Lawrence
Myron and Bobbie Levine
Mr. Carl Lutkehaus
Helen Metzner
Mrs. Agnes Miner
John and Mary Pedley
Professor and Mrs. Leland Quackenbush
Amnon and Prudence Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Slote
Haldon and Tina Smith
Lois and William Solomon
David and Ann Staiger
Edward and Natalie Surovell
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Van Liere
Mrs. Janet E. Weaver
Ann Joan Yagle


John and Leora Bowden
Cozette Grabb
Laurel Grove and Paul Seesing
Carolyn Carty and Thomas Haug
Guy and Phyllis Coykendall
Clifford and Laura Craig
Jeffrey and Christine Crockett
Mr. Richard M. Cundiff
Mr. David C. Darr
Paul and Rhonda Deussen
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan Fajans
Don and Ann Fowler
Professor and Mrs. Bernard Galler
Ms. Lois Groesbeck
Naomi and Theodore Harrison
Professor and Mrs. Joseph Hawkins
Mary and Ed Krasny
Professor and Mrs. Ernest McCarus
John and Carolyn McKeon
Carmen and Jack Miller
Dr. and Mrs. George Morley
Daniel and Ann Murray
Professor and Mrs. Clifton C. Olds
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Oneal
Maxwell and Marjorie Reade
Stan and Dorothy Rehak
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenfeld
Professor Charles Sawyer
Dr. and Mrs. Courtland Schmidt
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten
Michael Woolson


Fred Albertson
Janet J. Azary
Elizabeth A. Benn
Jean A. Diekoff
Lois Kuznets Dowling
William P. Edmunds
Professor Richard Edwards
Alisa C. English
Carol Finerman
Alice Fishman and Michael DiPietro
Patricia L. Frye
Janice R. Geddes
Esther M. Goudsmit
Shirley Knudsvig
Sally Lunn
Marjory S. Luther
Judith L. McIntosh
Dr. James A. McLean
Kay Oldstrom
Mr. and Mrs. David Osler
Esther R. Rubin
Grace Shackman
Dottie Sims
Dr. Denny Stavros
Len and Lois Stenger
Dr. E. Marianne Stern
Ms. Janet Vavra
Mrs. Esther Warzynski
Frank B. Womer
Madeline Wright
Dr. James F. Zender


Margo Stavros

Mummy Club

Samantha Coykendall
Tiffany Freeman