This past Fall Term, students in HISTORY 215: The History of Disaster spent the semester studying several sites of natural disasters. Included among these was the ancient site of Karanis, Egypt. While Karanis was not destroyed by a volcano like Pompeii, it was subjected to man-made environmental change that had serious effects on its population. The students in HISTORY 215 explored the many ways these effects manifest themselves in the archaeological remains of Karanis housed at the Kelsey Museum and they found modern parallels in places such as Miami and Bangladesh. You can explore their interpretations about Karanis in the story map projects listed below:

Karanis: An Abandoned Mediterranean Settlement

Religion Through Disaster

Economic Effects of Sandstorms in Karanis

Agency of Vulnerability: Karanis, Miami, Bangladesh, and Global Warming; Why Don't People Leave Disaster Zones?