The Jebel Barkal team is heading back to Sudan for a January-February field season. In a recent blog post, project co-director Geoff Emberling writes that the team has two main goals this season. First is to begin conservation of the temples, which were excavated over 100 years ago by George Reisner. Second is to continue surface clearance of the site's settlement area, work that was begun in 2019.

A third project, for which the team has almost secured funding, is to begin a program of geomorphology at the site. This will involve drilling a series of boreholes between the site and the Nile (a distance of almost 2 km) and on the other side of the river to identify how the course of the river and smaller channels may have changed. Results from this investigation will help the team evaluate how changes in climate affected the local environment and potentially the growth and decline of the ancient city.

We wish the entire team safe travels and best wishes for a productive season.

Read more about the team's plans for this season at the Jebel Barkal Archaeological Project website as well as at the Narrating Nubia blog.