The Kelsey Museum is excited about the new visitor feedback station installed on the second floor. Visitors can help shape the future of our new permanent gallery exploring the Mediterranean, Northeast African, and Middle Eastern world from 400 to 1800 CE by providing feedback on exhibition ideas. The visitor feedback station is open now and will evolve as we test new ideas and further develop materials for the Crossroads of Culture Object Spotlight series.

Visitors will be asked to respond to a series of questions about their knowledge of the region and time period, the themes they would like to see represented in the new gallery, and the types of displays and technology they hope it will employ. The prompts will be mounted on the feedback station structure, where visitors will be able to write out and leave their answers for others to see. Alternatively, respondents can submit their replies online.

The community input received during this feedback stage is essential to determining the stories the Kelsey Museum will tell in the permanent exhibition. Please stop by the second floor of the museum and leave your thoughts!