The Kelsey Museum is excited to announce the winners of this year's Eleanor and Lawrence Jackier Prize in Archaeology: Rachel Heibel, Estrella Salgado, Anna Southon, Victoria Thede, and Jaymes Walker.

Clockwise from top left: Rachel Heibel, Estrella Salgado, Anna Southon, Jaymes Walker, and Victoria Thede.

The Jackier Prize Competition is an annual undergraduate contest open to students from across the university. Interested students are invited to select one or more objects from the Kelsey Museum collection and explore them in an essay or through another medium of their choice. The Jackier Prize Competition was established in 2014 by the Department of Near Eastern Studies, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and the Language Resource Center (LRC) and is funded through a generous donation by Eleanor and Lawrence Jackier (U-M class of '64).

As winners of this year's Jackier Prize, Rachel, Estrella, Anna, Victoria, and Jaymes will work with Kelsey Museum staff to mount an exhibition of the objects they have chosen to explore. The display will be on view at the Kelsey Museum from March 23 through June 1, 2020. An awards ceremony will take place at the Kelsey on Monday, March 23, from 4 to 6 pm. 

Watch the Kelsey Museum website to learn more about the winners. We will post their essays and artwork, and provide information about the ancient objects that inspired them.