The Kelsey Museum is looking to put together a focus group of 6-8 students from a variety of different disciplines to give us valuable feedback for Carla Sinopoli's exhibition opening in Fall 2016.  The exhibition,"Less that Perfect," explores the concepts of failure/success and imperfection/perfection in ancient art.  We specifically would like to invite first year students from the Honors Program because of their diverse backgrounds and unique perspective on failure/success and imperfection/perfection as they learn to adjust to college life. We are specifically interested in your students' reactions to the title, their suggestions for ways of conveying information in the exhibition, and ideas for how we can gather comments/reactions to the exhibition. 
The commitment for this focus group would require participants to attend three meetings which would be spread out over one year - two in the Winter 2015 term and one in the Winter 2016 term.  Interested students should contact Cathy Person at by January 30, 2015.  We are planning to host the first of the meetings the week of February 9th.