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Lectures 2016–2017

Some of the lectures have been recorded, please check the links below.

September 21, 2016 Exhibition opening lecture Less Than Perfect, Carla Sinopoli, University of Michigan
September 29, 2016 FAST lecture

Glorious Mud: Studying Mud Brick at Late Bronze Age Kaymakçı, Jana Mokrisova 

Bricks, Baths, and Buckets of Petra Pottery, Craig Harvey

Azoria, Hierapytna, and Fewer-Citied Crete, Drew Cabaniss 

October 20, 2016 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture

What Happens after It is Uncovered?, Sebastián Encina, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology


October 28, 2016 FAST lecture

Diet and Health in Imperial Rome: The View from Skeletons and Isotopes, Kristina Killgrove, University of West Florida

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November 1, 2016  

Whatever Happened to Athens? "The Great Convergence and its Aftermath", John Ma, Columbia University

Video recording

November 3, 2016 AIA lecture

The Symposium in Context: Pottery from a Late Archaic Athenian House, Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati

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Video recording

November 17, 2016 FAST lecture

Women Slaves and the Bacchic Murals in the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, Elaine K. Gazda, University of Michigan

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November 17, 2016 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture Michigan Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology, Megan Moore, Forensic Anthropologist of Wayne, Washtenaw and Monroe Counties
January 19, 2017 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture Philistine Cemetery: The Bioarchaeology of the Human Skeletal Remains from the Philistine Cemetery at Ashkelon, Sherry Fox, Eastern Michigan University
January 26, 2017 FAST lecture Multispectral Imaging: Shedding Light on Ancient Paint Surfaces, Carrie Roberts, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
February 10, 2017 Exhibition opening lecture The Art and Science of Healing from Antiquity to the Renaissance, Pablo Alvarez, University of Michigan
February 16, 2017 FAST lecture

A Karanis Collaboratory, David Stone, Arthur Verhoogt, Alexandra Creola, Elizabeth Nabney, and Mollie Fox, University of Michigan

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February 16, 2017 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture

In Search of Ancient Egyptian Gemstones, James Harrell, University of Toledo

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March 13, 2017 AIA lecture

Big Amphoras, Little Loom Weights: Archaeological Approaches to Economic Change, Mark Lawall, University of Manitoba

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March 16, 2017 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture

"Let It Be Well Done:" A Curduroy Remnant of Hull's Trace in Brownstown, Michigan, Daniel Harrison, Wayne State University

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March 23, 2017 FAST lecture

The Roman Middle Republic at Sant'Omobono: Drawing Conclusions, Drafting New Questions, Daniel P. Diffendale, IPCAA

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April 14, 2017 FAST lecture, co-sponsored by CAW (The Collaborative Archaeology Workgroup)

The Tricky Thing About Tapia: Understanding Changes to the Settlement Pattern of the Chincha Valley During the Late Horizon (AD 1470-1532), Jordan Dalton, University of Michigan

Domestic Craft Production and Exchange in the Woodland Period Deep South, Martin Menz, University of Michigan

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April 20, 2017 Michigan Archaeological Society lecture

The Archaeological Implications of Modern Saltmaking at Nexquipayac, Mexico, Jeff Parsons, University of Michigan

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