The Frankely Judaic Podcast episode, "'What kind of diversity are we?': Mizrahiut from the Occident," with Frankel Institute Fellow Gal Levy is now available on our website and Buzzsprout! This episode is part of the 2022-23 Theme Year, "Mizrahim and the Politics of Ethnicity." Listen here.


Mizrahiyut, or Mizrahi identity and consciousness, is an Israeli phenomenon, born in the decades after hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab and North African lands immigrated to Israel.

But recently, a version of Mizrahi identity has taken root in the United States among the sons and daughters of Mizrahi Jews who have relocated to America. 

In this episode of Frankel Judaic, scholar and Frankel Institute fellow Gal Levy discussed this burgeoning of Mizrahi identity in the US, exploring how and why it developed and what it means for the evolution of Jewish identity in America.




The 2022-2023 fellowship year at the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, "Mizrahim and the Politics of Ethnicity," includes scholars from the United States and Israel who explore Mizrahi (Arab-Jewish) society and cultural as an interdisciplinary and intersectional field of study.