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Teaching in a Team-based Learning (TBL) Space

What is Team-based Learning (TBL)?

Team-based learning is an instructional strategy in which students participate in highly structured teams and follow a series of activities, from reviewing the content before class, to demonstrating knowledge of that content both individually and as a team, followed by related application and assessment activities. (Michaelsen, Knight, and Fink, 2004). Other related pedagogical approaches include active learning, “flipped classrooms”, and problem-based learning.

How does ISS support Team-based Learning?

Team-based learning (TBL) spaces at Michigan are classrooms with unique features that support a variety of active instructional strategies. The common element of all these pedagogical approaches is a focus on providing students, individually and in groups, with opportunities to connect with the course content through instruction and activities that require higher order thinking skills, such as problem solving, analysis, and construction of knowledge.

To learn more about teaching in a team-based learning space, contact the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting (LTC) office to make an appointment, either by phone: 734 615-0099 or email: