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Studying Graffiti and Street Art through a Course Blog

Professor Leontis incorporated a blog into her first year writing seminar on graffiti or street art so her students could experience the composition process in a variety of modalities.




Artemis Leontis, PhD

Classical Studies Professor and Current Chair


Professor Artemis Leontis added a blogging assignment to her course Classical Studies 121, Writing on the Wall, as a way to give students an opportunity to curate material objects, both in physical as well as online environments, and make rhetorical decisions, and compose in a variety of modalities.

Initial assignments included creating proper online citations, analyzing one’s path of inquiry, writing as performance, and developing a relationship with the audience. The final project of the term involved digitally curating a collection of five to ten graffiti pieces with a theme and embedding them in a text that explained the student’s methods and choices in the composition process.

We discussed her experience in a recent interview.


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