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U-M Funding Sources

Most Common U of M Funding Sources

Student Emergency Funds -
For various amounts
A complete list from the Provost's Office of the many funding sources for emergency student needs, available through a variety of UM offices and schools 

Rackham Conference Travel Grant -
$800-$1,300 (one per fiscal year, July 1 - June 31)
DEADLINE: May submit anytime prior to conference
Must have responded to a formal call for abstracts and been accepted to present a poster or paper.

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant
Pre-Cand. $1,500; Cand. $3,000 (one of each type per academic career)
Project or activity must be directly related to achieving progress towards your degree. Expenses may include research-related travel and equipment.

A special note regarding the procedure for Rackham Graduate Student Research Grants:   If you are awarded an Rackham Graduate Research Grant, IPCAA will request that Rackham deposit your grant into an IPCAA account created specifically for these awards. Once IPCAA receives your award, the program will distribute your funds through the Financial Aid system and will forward your relevant travel/research budgets (if applicable) to the Office of Financial Aid to satisfy their reporting regulations for student payment for non-employment purposes.

Rackham International Research Award
Maximum award of $10,000 (one per academic career; only fifteen awarded each year)
DEADLINE: Early February (see website)
Must conduct degree-related research outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Preference given to candidates.

Rackham Language Training Grant - Maximum award of $6,000 (one per academic career; a limited number awarded each year)
DEADLINE: Nov 1 and March 1 
Prioritizes languages for which instruction is not available at U-M. Study can be through participation in a training program, for travel to an area to develop linguistic ability through informal immersive language learning arrangements, or for a combination of the two. Cannot be co-funded with a FLAS Award or a Rackham International Research Award.

Rackham Professional Development Grant
Maximum award of $400 (one per academic career)
For short-term experiences that promote the development of professional skills which will further a student’s career goals either in and out of academia (conference fees and travel considered)

International Institute Conference Travel Awards - $300 (one per year)
DEADLINE : Ongoing
Travel must be in US. Papers must be on international or area-studies topics, and must have been selected by a juried process.

International Institute Individual Fellowships - $5,000
DEADLINE: Mid February (see website)
Applications can pertain to internships and pre-candidacy research involving international topics.

CREES Research, Internship, and Fellowship (CRIF) Program Grants - $500-$1,500
DEADLINE: Mid-February (see website)
For summer or semester-long research projects or internships at institutions in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union.

CREES Conference Travel Grants
Paper or panel must focus on Russia, Eastern Europe, or Eurasia.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS)

Description: These fellowships are available to highly qualified graduate students in Rackham or professional schools at the University of Michigan who are studying modern Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish. Awards are for the academic year and/or for summer language study. For more detailed information, consult the FLAS website. To apply for this fellowship, contact the:

Director of CMENAS, SSWB Room 4640 / Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106.
Phone: 734/ 764-0350.
FLAS Fellowships are a major source of funding for both beginning and advanced graduate students.

Institute for the Humanities

Application Deadline: Early January (see website)
Rackham graduate students who have attained candidacy at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply for a ten-month residential fellowship. Each year, an interdisciplinary faculty committee chaired by a member of the Executive Committee selects approximately six Graduate Student Fellows (out of an applicant pool of about 40) based on the strength and humanities content of their proposals, their academic records, the strength of their recommendations, and their interest in interdisciplinary conversation. Graduate Student Fellows receive a stipend, two terms of candidacy tuition, GradCare insurance, and a modest travel/research allowance. 

UM Graduate Student Fellowships

Email: / Telephone: (734) 936-3518 / (Fax): 734-998-6171
The Institute for the Humanities at the University of Michigan
350 South Thayer / Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1608

Institute for Research on Women and Gender: "Community of Scholars" Fellowships

Application Deadline: Late November (see website)
Description: This institute supports graduate students who are conducting or planning research, scholarship, and creative activites that focus on women and gender. Fellowships provide a monthly stipend of $1,800 for May through August. Awardees are required to participate in a weekly seminar for May and June and and to publicly present their work during the academic year. No department nomination is required.

IRWG Funding

E-mail: / Telephone: (734) 764-9537
Institute for Research on Women and Gender/ University of Michigan / 1136 Lane Hall
204 South State Street / Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1290

International Institute

a. Conference Travel

Application Deadline: date varies

Description: The International Institute provides supplemental travel support for graduate and professional school students invited to present papers at conferences in the U.S. and its territories and in Canada. Papers must be on area or international topics, and must have been selected by a jury process. Grants are available for travel to area studies meetings, annual disciplinary meetings and similar conferences and workshops. Students may apply for up to $250 for travel support each year.

International Institute Fellowships and Grants

E-mail: / Telephone: (734) 763-9200

U-M International Institute / 1080 S. University, Suite 2660 / Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106

b. Individual Fellowships

Description: These awards are designed to support University of Michigan students, regardless of citizenship, who are enrolled in a degree program and wish to participate in internships or conduct research abroad. Ph.D. candidates and students graduating before the start of the project are not eligible. Eligible internship or research projects must be at least one month in length, constitute at least a 30-hour-per-week time commitment (exclusive of language training), and meet all requirements of the University Travel Policy and the Institutional Review Board. Award amounts are up to $5,000.

International Institute Fellowships and Grants

E-mail: / Telephone: (734) 763-9200
U-M International Institute / 1080 S. University, Suite 2660 / Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106

IPCAA Conference Travel and Research Awards

Fellowships and awards for graduate students vary widely; they range from small internal awards that help defray costs for travel, to fellowships that cover costs for a full year of study or research.  Although IPCAA students are encouraged to apply for fellowships throughout their career,  fellowship applications become particularly critical after the student has achieved Candidacy and is embarking on dissertation research.

IPCAA Summer Support and Conference Travel Awards

Each IPCAA student in his/her 6th year or below, who does not have a Rackham fellowship which includes a summer stipend, receives automatic Summer Support in the amount of $2,500.  We also invite from these students applications for additional discretionary funds to assist with travel for personal research or for fieldwork participation up to $1,000.  (We do ask students to provide us with a detailed budget listing air fare, accommodation, etc. and explain how his/her automatic summer support will be used.)  Thus the potential total summer funding for students who travel is $3,500.

UM field projects sometimes require UM participants to contribute their IPCAA summer funds to the cost of the project.  IPCAA limits the amount of summer support that project directors may request from each student to $2,500.  The amount of summer support in excess of that, which we are able to award, remains with individual students.

IPCAA students may also apply to the IPCAA Director for occasional Conference Travel Awards of up to $400.  Additional research awards may also be available during the academic year depending on a student's particular needs and the program's current financial situation.  IPCAA encourages its students to inquire about these options with our faculty and/or administrators

Other major funding resources available to IPCAA students are listed below (both internal and external sources).  For more complete details students should consult the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Students funding page.

A special note regarding Rackham Graduate Student Research Grants:   If you are awarded an Rackham Graduate Research Grant, IPCAA will request that Rackham deposit your grant into an IPCAA account created specifically for these awards. Once IPCAA receives your award, the program will distribute your funds through the Financial Aid system and will forward your relevant travel/research budgets (if applicable) to the Office of Financial Aid to satisfy their reporting regulations for student payment for non-employment purposes.

Jean and Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

Thanks to the support of many generous individual and organizational donors, the Jean and Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies maintains a number of fellowship funds for graduate level Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan. Funds are available for ongoing graduate studies and summer research activities.
For more information about these funds and application deadlines, please contact:

Frankel Center Funding Opportunities 

Lipschutz, Susan/Margaret Ayers Host/Anna Olcott Smith Awards

Description: Women graduate students actively pursuing a doctoral degree in any Rackham program, and who have achieved candidacy are eligible to be nominated. Nominees must have a cumulative GPA of 7.6 or higher. Each Rackham department or program may submit only one nomination.
E-mail: / Telephone: (734) 764-8119

"LSA Funding Portal" Website

This system acts as an on-line gateway for you to submit a one-time/single funding request to multiple funding opportunities at University of Michigan. Based on your eligibility and need, this system will help you find and request funding for research, fellowship, subvention, or conference related projects. After you enter your information and, if appropriate, your department approves and forwards your application, the request will be matched to opportunities in the system. U of M institutions currently registered with this system are Institute for the Humanities, International Institute, LSA Dean's Office, Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), and Rackham Graduate School. For opportunities that are not supported by this system, please refer to the appropriate source's funding web site.

"LSA Funding Portal" Website

Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowships

This fellowship was established in 1985 for women graduate students in a humanities or social science field in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. It is intended as an award of high distinction and is presented to women held in the highest esteem by their faculty. Fellowship recipients are selected on the basis of their academic excellence and their potential to make a contribution of exceptional usefulness to society. The Fellowship is provided through an endowment established by the late Margaret Earhart Smith in recognition of her friend Mary Malcomson Raphael, a singularly resourceful and creative woman, who "had a gift for evoking power in people above and beyond their ordinary capacity." For more information contact:

The Center for the Education of Women / 330 E. Liberty / Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Telephone: (734) 764-6005 / Fax: (734) 998-6203

Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds

Application Deadline: ongoing 
Description: These awards are intended to help meet the financial needs of Rackham graduate students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program. Normal living expenses such as rent, car repairs, child care, and utilities are generally not considered emergency situations. Exceptions may be made for extraordinary circumstances. Students must be in good academic standing in a Rackham degree program. Awards may be up to $2,500. Rackham graduate students will be limited to two emergency awards.

Rackham Emergency Support

Telephone: (734) 764-8119

Rackham International Research Awards

Description: This fellowship was established to support doctoral and master's students conducting degree-related research outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Graduate students in any Rackham program are eligible. Students must reach candidacy by September 2017 and have an approved dissertation topic.  Students of any citizenship may apply. Students may not apply exclusively for language training, but may submit proposals that combine language study with research. This language must not be taught at U of M.  Students with external research fellowship support may apply, but must specify the additional reseach activities the RIRA will support and demonstrate why these are necessary for the successful completion of the research. Preference will be given to students who have not previously received a Rackham International Research Award. The awards can be as large as $10,000 but average around $6,500.

Rackham International Research Awards

Telephone: (734) 764-8119

Rackham Merit Fellowship

Application Deadline: early February and early March 
Description: This multi-year program was established for U-M graduate students entering Rackham terminal masters and doctoral programs who have outstanding academic qualifications, show exceptional potential for scholarly success in their graduate program, and demonstrate promise for contributing to wider academic, professional, or civic communities. Nominees are encouraged to provide their graduate program with relevant information regarding their personal background and life experiences, including educational, cultural, familial, socioeconomic, or other opportunities or challenges in their Personal Statement on the application for admission to the Rackham Graduate School. Award consists of $9,690 per term plus paid tuition and insurance coverage. Open to United States citizens and permanent residents only. Applicants must be nominated by the department.

Rackham Merit Fellowship

Telephone: (734) 764-8119

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships

These fellowships are intended for final year writing of dissertations. They pay all tuition costs, stipend, Grad Care, and dissertation filing fees. Each department or program may nominate up to 5 graduate students for this award. However, the awards are extremely competitive and the department or program usually nominates only 1 or 2 students (which improves the chances of the students who are nominated). The deadline for the submission of departmental nominations for Predoctoral Fellowship awards is Jan. 14, 2016.

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship 

Telephone: (734) 764-8119