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UnAppointed Advisory Committee

Unappointed Advisory Committee on Academic Freedom
Tuesday, November 27, 4-7pm

Henderson Room, Michigan League Bldg
UMich Central Campus


Prof. Emeritus Chandler Davis (Mathematics, Univ. of Toronto); Prof. Howard Brick (History, UM); Dr. Melissa Phrucksachart (LSA Collegiate Postdoctoral Fellow); Omer Sharir (PhD candidate, History); Nicole Khamis (LSA ’17, ACLU) 

In the wake of the University of Michigan’s punishment of Professor John Cheney-Lippold (American Culture) and its reprimand of Graduate Student Instructor Lucy Peterson (Political Science), the University Provost announced the formation of a panel of faculty members to “examine the intersection between political thought/ideology and instructors’ responsibilities to students.”  However, the narrow composition of this panel contradicts the participatory involvement called for by the University’s own commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


In the absence of contextualized, inclusive deliberation on these issues, the Interdepartmental Program in Anthropology & History and others invite the broader UM community to join an alternative space for discussion. On Nov. 27th from 4-7pm, we will convene an unappointed advisory committee to situate the administration’s unilateral moves within the history of the University’s encroachments on academic freedom and to facilitate the participatory development of policy recommendations. 

This teach-in will include two parts. First, a panel of UM faculty, students, and former affiliates, will contextualize the history of faculty refusal and non-compliance, boycotts, and divestment as they relate to issues of academic freedom. Second, we will conduct a general assembly to gather UM community members’ recommendations for the Provost’s panel. 

Sponsored by

Interdepartmental Program in Anthropology & History, History Department, Anthropology Department, and American Culture Department