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2017-2018 Anthropology and History Workshops

The Anthropology and History Workshop is a forum for the discussion of papers and chapters, usually in draft, by students, faculty and visitors. Workshop papers are distributed by email attachment to graduate students and faculty in Anthro-History and affiliated programs about one week in advance. The Workshop meets on Fridays, 2-4 pm, usually in 1014 Tisch Hall on U-M's Central Campus. There is typically a commentator/critic for each session, the presenter has a few minutes to set a context for the discussion of the work, with the remainder of the session dedicated to open discussion.

Workshop papers are available by request to

Winter 2018 Schedule 

AH Workshops:

Friday 9 February, 12-2pm (1014 Tisch): Quincy  Amoah, Anthropology, Princeton University 

         "Birding Twins: A Karimojong Reassessment of a Nuer Controversy"

Friday 23 February, 12-2pm (1014 Tisch): Tiffany Cain, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

        "War, Landscape, and Ruin Memory"

Friday 30 March, 12-2pm (1014 Tisch): Jay Cook, History, UM

        “The Lost History of Global Black Celebrity, 1750-1920”

Friday 13 April, 13 12-2pm (211 West Hall) Kathryn Babayan, History, UM 

        "The City as Anthology: Visualizing Cultures of Literacy in Early Modern Isfahan"

AH Reading Groups: 

Tuesday 6 March, 7-9pm (1014 Tisch): Hiroaki Matsusaka, History, UM

        "Making Anticolonialism Radical: Korean Activists in Interwar United States"

Wednesday 4 April, 7-9pm (1014 Tisch): Samia Khatun, Education, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

        "Reading Sufi Poetry, Writing Alternate Histories"