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The Anthro-History Student Handbook


The Anthro-History Student Handbook, also known as the Red Book, should answer many questions for you over the course of your studies. A second invaluable source of information is Rackham‘s Graduate Student Handbook. Many of the questions students have, especially at the later stages of their graduate program, are answered in the Rackham handbook. You should also feel free to contact the Administrative Specialist with any questions or problems you have as you progress through your studies. The Red Book should be considered a work-in-progress, and we invite your suggestions and amendments to make it ever more useful. This is a small program--with its own history of lively experimentation in the organization of training and the support of research. 

Program Director
Pamela Ballinger 
2509 Haven Hall

Administrative Specialist
Diana Denney

Graduate Coordinator
Kimberly Smith
Admissions & Student Records 
1029 Tisch Hall