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Jot down the name of someone you haven’t seen or heard from in at least two years.

Jot down the name of a place you’ve never been.

Write to yourself for ten minutes in a note from that person from that place you’ve never been. Consider the person’s voice and personality and that person’s preoccupations and priorities while describing, as that person, the place you’ve never been. In as much sensory detail as possible.

The Gift
By Shiba Khatoon

I am here in Switzerland-
The place you yearn to be in.
Preoccupied with work and busy life,
I hardly get time to keep pace with
your playful energy.

My head is busy,
but my heart is with you.
My mind is focused,
but my soul is restless like you.
It is a fine evening here, and,
Cool breeze blowing...

Oh! I so wish you were here with me!
I therefore send you a box of cool breeze.
Unbox it with Care,
Before you jump in your cold bed.
The breeze will cause you goosebumps,
but the warmth inside will help you Heal.

Unpostcard from Hell
By Logan Corey

yeah, it’s about what
you’d expect
a little bigger


Dear L, Sorry I haven’t written. Been on a space mission, as you know.  It’s so overgrown up here.
Vegetative, always spring. Strange light over the graves. The kind of liquor-store-fluorescence-in-the-middle-of-the-
night you can’t avoid if you need a bottle right away. Up here, trying to reach you, it
isn’t easy. The phones don’t work, or have never been invented, and even if you answered, well, we
both know I’d have nothing to say. Just drifting whispers: that’s what we are here. But not
sentimental. This isn’t a cry for help J. Actually it’s  better here than I ever dreamed it could be—like
shiny plastic wrap’s been stretched from one end of the universe to the other to keep us clean. The
kind Mom used to cover up the potluck potato salad with. It makes me, now and then, think of you.
I have to go. Waves I’m afraid. (Not in the ocean, in the inner ear—which, how often do you think of
that, even though it’s inside of you?

All the membranes. They’re not as fragile as you’d think. Happy birthday. Be well. I’ll say hi to mom
and dad for you, and also to everyone else. We’ll all be happy to see you. Hey! Remember that squirrel
we fed one summer until it was like a pet? Well, he’s here too, still full of the bones you gave him—
those thin ones. He squirms like he’s miserable when we I try to kiss him, but other than that, he’s
perfect. Despite what Dad said, you were right: until he got run over in the street, he was a perfect
pet, and still is. You’ll see. Until then, all best to whatever’s left.
xoxoxoxo P

By Aiden Ramirez-Tatum

I once imagined this house with you
I thought, a house with many rooms,

I pictured, a house with pea-green walls
I crafted handfuls, tornados, squalls,

And I thought that you'd be here with me.

(—and instead; Ozarks, pines, and the river:
a tall tall man outstretched forever)

I crush hickory nuts on a log
I walk in the dewy morning, maybe a dog

and I feel your absence.


Here on the underside of the world the moon
glows with a ferocity I did not know.
The penguins peal their ballads. Deep song:
archaeological. Alone on the ship, with no one
to steer my chair across the ice. The captain
clatters his teeth.
                             Here in the nether land
I feel the presence of the poet. The one
we both loved: loose-limbed; lost. Never
apart from his moon.
                           Who are we while we breathe?
What have we done to deserve it? Skeleton perched
on the blue barge. They buried him that August
and he sank through the core, all
the way to this collecting
pool, this vise,
this heavenly

Beginning of Ch. 1
By S. Atticus O.


Jun 3, 2019, 6:02 PM

crazy idea want
conceived ago

go old school
these days:
deleting social
media, no email,
handwriting schedule, less time
on phone, etc.

So… pen pal?
never done…wanted
long. Strange but []

Jun 3, 2019, 8:32 PM

I like you
want to unplug
digital overload
would be fun
pen pal
so…into it

Jul 11, 2019, 12:27 PM





Hey G -

writing you

the national gallery
DC, spent many hours
Picasso, Van Gogh.
Rothko, Kuniyoshi.
Drink my Mocha
think of you
you are summer.
Fill me in!
best momentsso…far?
City friends
week, then off
puppetry intensive
Putney, Vermont,
looking hearing
from you after
back from that
I plan places
A -

P.s. met one name haley’s comet.



A -
loved the postca
[covered by stamp]
Kuniyoshi sent, so…
just at Denver Art
fell in love
Jordan Casteel’s
no prints post cards
so…look her up.
In Denver saw Beck,
Cage Elephant Spoon
live. Best show been to.
Looks you’ve been too
Doing traveling.
Favorite trip far?
Preparing for school,
Wondering strong advise?
hope you amazing
[Address on postcard]
[Drawing of lilies]
tattoo for friend
involves lily flowers,
practicing drawing lots.
How’s L-?! Missing
both you lots.
so…long for now,

So…they wrote
The beginning
Of chapter 1


Life Lessons

My knuckles are white holding on tight
Your whole life I have kept you healthy or as safe as I could
Now you are in control and I can only hope your skills are good
Look out! <-> Don’t shout
As we are moving and talk
I think - I should walk
It’s not so far that we needed the car
I sigh through my strife
I know it’s just life
This too I will survive, your learning to drive.