Congratulations to IH visiting artist Ibrahim Mahama, who has been named the 2020 Principal Prince Claus Laureate by the Prince Clause Fund for Culture and Development. Mahama's In-Between the World and Dreams project opened our 2020-21 gallery programming with massive, quilt-like panels covering 4,452 square feet of the U-M Museum of Art's exterior, creating one of the spectacular architectural interventions he is known for.

"Mahama is a visual artist who is actively involved in improving social conditions." the Prince Claus Fund announced on its website. "His powerful artworks use provocative materials and sites to examine and expose histories, uphold the role of labour, challenge authorities and criticise mismanagement of resources. Directly addressing lack of opportunities and facilities in his home region, he has set up an open­ access cultural centre and other social projects providing employment, education, studio space and creative activities."