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With Hopwood's long history and its wealth of contests and prizes, it can be challenging to address all uncertainties through our website or at our events during the year. While we are certainly available to answer questions through email or at the events, this FAQ page hopes to address the common questions that we get so you can spend more time writing. 


If you have a question please see if it listed below. If your question is not listed or if the answer is unclear, you are encouraged to contact us at 

  • Will the monetary prize of winning a Hopwood Award impact my financial aid?

Maybe. While we can't know the financial circumstances of each student who sumits for the awards, a new policy change within the University in 2022 changed the way that financial awards are disbursed throughout the University. Therefore, Hopwood monetary awards may impact winners' financial aid. For questions about this policy as it relates to your finances please email (Updated as of 7/19/22)

  • Can I submit again for a contest for which I was a finalist in the past? 

Yes! If you were a finalist in a contest, you may submit to that same contest again the following year. You may even submit the same piece if you would like. You may not submit again if you were a winner. 

  • Can I submit to Hopwood if I graduate in December?

Yes! There is a special submission deadline for students who graduate during the Fall Semester. This deadline is typically late December.

  • Can I submit more than one entry in the same contest?

No — only one entry is allowed to every contest and Hopwood award. Submitting more than entry will disqualify all entries from that contest. 

  • Can I submit the same piece to more than one contest? 

This answer varies depending on the contest or award. Please read the eligibility for the contest in question. Click on this link for a shortcut to the contest pages.

  • Will I have to read aloud in front of others if I submit or win an award or prize?

No — although you are encouraged to share your work you are not obligated to do so. If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in an open mic event check back on our website for upcoming events!

  • When will the contest start accepting submissions?

The submissions page will open in September so be sure to check it out! Click here for a our how to submit page.

  • Are there courses that I am required to take?

If you’re an undergraduate entering one of the contests with Hopwood in the name — yes! Click here to find a list of eligibility for the contests and prizes - including eligible courses. Taking one of these courses will make you eligible to enter a Hopwood contest for two years.

  • What if I’m taking a course that seems relevant, but is not on the list?

If you’re in a course that you feel should be on the list of accepted courses feel free to contact at least one week before the Hopwood deadline in January to have it reviewed. 

  • I’m submitting and enrolled in one of the required courses – do I have to submit work from that course?

No. Though you are required to be enrolled in or have taken an eligible course to enter a Hopwood contest, you are free to submit a piece that you wrote outside of school or in another course.

  • Are there special requirements for graduate students?

The only requirement is that you must be enrolled for three credits as a graduate student. There are no longer required courses for graduate students

  • What are the page formatting guidelines for submissions? 

The formatting guidlines can be found on at the bottom of the "Graduate and Undergraduate Contests" page. All contests - Hopwood or non-Hopwood- will follow these guidelines. 

  • What type of file will the submissions system accept?

You must submit your writing in PDF form. Make sure that you convert all files to a single, complete PDF before you submit. Check your submissions after you submit to make sure your PDF was submitted correctly.