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Previous Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!


2021 Hopwood Award Winners 



David Freeman, “Godzilla vs. The Cold Dead Heart of the Universe”

Zoha Bharwani, “370”

Sarah Cripsey, “CINDER: A Pantomime” 



Anna Majeski, “The Disquiet”

Maya Dobjensky, “In the Language of Birds”

Nathan John, “Novel”Lauren Morrow, “Whatever You Want, It’s Yours” 



Phoebe Danaher, “The Millertown Vessel”

Darina Sikmashvili, “Bitter”

Alexander Wagner, “Inquisitor” 



First- and Second-Year

Steve Liu, “Two Stories”

Francisco Fiori, "Inside Outside USA" and "Country"

Jessica Kwon, “Taegeukgi” (4,2) 


Fareah Fysudeen, “Daffodils, Ayesha and Mohammad”

Benjamin Biber, “To Be Kind”

Rebecca Wyeth, “Augur North” and “Out to the Western Earth”

Willa Hart, “The Gay Club Ghost” 


Lauren Morrow, “Everyday Tips for Becoming a Star” and “Constellations”

Kashona Notah, “A Falling Star”, “Betty Page and Jimmy Freebird”, “Interviews”Chloe Alberta, “The Best Electrician in Des Moines”

Nathan John, “Each Night” and “Child Soldier” 



First- and Second-Year

Jingqi Zhu, “And the Stories Echo”, “Meadow”

Darby Williams, “The Stone Women of Salt Lake”, “Fossils”, and “Basil-Eyed Boy”

Julia Guida, “Free Hugs, Anyone?” and “Aria of a Youngest Child”  


Caitlyn Zawideh, “Two Essays About Dreams”

Annie Ning, “Visiting Yingxiu”

Ellie Katz, "Total Eclipse of the American West" & "Grapefruit" & "Blood on Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement" & "Dreams of Dalí"

Rachel McKimmy, A Pandemic Summer's Reflections in Nature: “What the Stream Means” and “Stone Fly” 


Darina Sikmashvili, “Billy” and “This Is What I Have to Show for Life”Matthew Wamser, “Lost Birds of the Pacific”

Bassam Sidiki, “On Growth” and “Uninvited Guests” 



First- and Second-Year

Nicole Tooley, “U-Turns”Yumna Dagher, “Poems for Appoline Street”

Olivia Evans, “Boy Heaven” 


Sebastien Butler, “Tornado Waltz”

Kennedi Killips, “in this one, I lose everything”

Aaron Berry, The “American”-ization of Francis Lopez” 


Mary Spooner, “Interior Weather”Carlina Duan, “Blades of Grace”

Julia McDaniel, “Hush” Hopwood Award Theodore Roethke Prize

David Freeman, “Poltergeister”  



Other Awards and Prizes Administered by the Hopwood Awards Program 


Academy of American Poets Prize 

Undergraduate Division

Aelita Klausmeier, “Butter Bird” 

Graduate Division

Julia McDaniel, “To Raise a Daughter” 


Andrea Beauchamp Prize

Lauren Morrow, “Everyday Tips for Becoming a Star” and “Constellations” 


Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize

David Freeman, “All Saints' Day”

Caroline New, “Spontaneous Generation, as spiritual practice” 


Chamberlain Award for Creative Writing

Dur e Aziz, “Café May” and “You Get What is Yours”

Catalina Bode, “A Marriage”

Urvi Kumbhat, “Belly Song” and “Girls I've Known” 


Cora Duncan Award in Fiction

Rebecca Wyeth, “Augur North” 


David Porter Award for Excellence in Journalism

Madeleine Ross, “Zero Waste Living in a Global Pandemic” 


Dennis McIntyre Prize for Distinction in Undergraduate Playwriting

Zoha Bharwani, “370”

Sarah Cripsey, “CINDER: A Pantomime” 


Geoffrey James Gosling Prize

Anna Majeski, “The Disquiet”

Maya Dobjensky, “In the Language of Birds” 


Helen J. Daniels Prize

Caitlyn Zawideh, “Two Essays About Dreams” 


Helen S. and John Wagner Prize

Mary Spooner, “Interior Weather” 


Jeffrey L. Weisberg Memorial Prize in Poetry

Olivia Evans, “Tsaritsa’s goldspinner is tried for witchcraft”

Aelita Klausmeier, “Duplex” 


John Wagner Prize

Darina Sikmashvili, “Billy” and “This Is What I Have to Show for Life” 


Kasdan Scholarship in Creative Writing

Justin Chung, “The Shinjuku Cut”Sophia Raines, “PW…I?”

Darina Sikmashvili, “Bitter”  


Keith Taylor Award for Excellence in Poetry

Kennedi Killips, “in this one, I lose everything” 


Leonard and Eileen Newman Writing Prize in Dramatic Writing

Brandon Troeller, “Only Trees Hear The Silence”

Sophia Raines, “PW...I?”

Nick Lemaster, “A Bump Named Andy” 


Leonard and Eileen Newman Writing Prize in Fiction

Kellie Beck, “Once”

Destiny Wu, “Chalk Castles”

Myles Murphy, “Cuttlefish Diary, Mason, and the Cube” 


Marjorie Rapaport Award in Poetry

Hiba Dagher, “little divinities on 13355 hemlock st”

Avery Fessenden, “The First Sign” 


Meader Family Award

Robert Laidler, “Hereditary”

Catherine Valdez, “Apocalypse And Other Gardens”

Abigail McFee, “Season of Premonitions” 


Michael R. Gutterman Award in Poetry

monét cooper, “in search of ancestry in the Census record or, also, cane”



Naomi Saferstein Literary Award

Phoebe Danaher, “The Millertown Vessel” 


Paul and Sonia Handleman Award

Sebastien Butler, “Tornado Waltz” 


Peter Phillip Pratt Award in Fiction

Meghan Chou, “Calypso”Jena Vallina, “Tree Hugger” 


Robert F. Haugh Prize

Fareah Fysudeen, “Daffodils, Ayesha and Mohammad” 


Roy and Helen Meador Award

Nicole Tooley, “U-Turns”  


Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship

Jena Vallina, “Selah”

Alejandro Derieux-Cerezo, “Rubbernecking”Arjun Thakkar, “In Good Health: An Unmasked Tribute to Millions”

Penny Kane, “Non-fiction Collection”

Ashley Mcintosh, “Scattered Collection” 


Stanley S. Schwartz Prize

Benjamin Biber, “To Be Kind”

Hopwood Winners 1931-present

For a list of all Hopwood Award winners, as well as all Hopwood-administered contests and prizes, click the button below (link will download an excel spreadsheet). This list was last updated August 2019.