As part of the campus-wide Democracy & Debate 2020 theme semester, Honors students Isabella Buzynski and Estrella Salgado, along with colleague Scott Flake, were contributors to the University of Michigan Presidential Campus Tour, creating a virtual path walked by the 13 U.S. Presidents who visited the Ann Arbor campus, either before, during, or after their terms. 

From Estrella Salgado:

"I love showing visitors around U-M as a tour guide, so I was excited to create a tour that would offer a unique way to explore campus. We worked hard to make sure that even familiar stories like JFK’s Peace Corps announcement included interesting and unexpected details — did you know that there was a strict curfew for most women students until the late 1960s? That isn’t something that would typically be included in an essay about his visit, but those tidbits are important in allowing people to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar past. And I’m delighted that our tour can be accessed for free by anyone with internet access, no Ph.D. needed."

From Isabella Busynski:

"The project was conceived by the History Department, with Gregory Parker and Elizabeth Collins heading it's creation. It was intended to accompany the presidential debate which was to be held on campus this fall but was cancelled due to COVID-19, nonetheless we chose to share it as part of the Democracy & Debate theme semester with a focus not only on the presidential visits but also on student reception and activism surrounding the visits. Estrella, Scott, Elizabeth, and I worked out the details including what platforms to use, what mediums to incorporate, and how to make the presentation as accessible as possible. We landed on using ArcGIS to create an interactive presentation which could incorporate the textual, visual, and geographic components of the walking tour. Scott, Estrella, and I all chose several presidents to work on, researching their visits, speeches, and presidential legacy as it related to campus life." 

The tour is available at this link or by clicking the above image.