Did you convert a F19 course to Honors? Mid-December, Honors will begin emailing your instructors to confirm that you completed the conversion, and once we receive confirmation, we will begin the process of having "Honors" added to the course on your transcript. There is nothing else you need to do at this point, unless you'd like to email us with shareable comments about enriching conversion experiences. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through the last administrative steps. 

LOOKING AHEAD: If you plan to convert a W20 course to Honors, we will be holding Conversion Workshops for the first 10 weekdays of Winter term (4-4:30p, 1.8-1.22, except on 1.20, MLK Day), 1330 Mason Hall. If you attended a workshop in the fall, you are not required to attend another workshop in January. If you have not already attended a workshop, you are required to attend one as a part of the conversion approval process for this academic year. If you are unable to attend any workshop, you should make an appointment with an Honors advisor prior to the drop/add deadline of 1.28.