From the "Forum" Vol. 23 | 2019

We are grateful for the generous alumni support that makes possible the student-designed and -led Honors 135 course series. This fall term, our Honors seniors offered our first-year students deep dives into topics ranging from: Guns in America (Taylor King, ‘20) to Biomedical Innovation: Examining the History and Future of Disease (Sujai Arakali, Class of 2020). In her course, From Cursed Mummies to Hidden Treasures: Portrayals of Archaeology in Popular Films, Shannon Burton (Class of 2020, Honors in Classical Archaeology with a double major in Middle East Studies) considered how popular films portray archaeologists and focused on the real archaeology behind some of our favorite historical films, from Disney’s Pocahontas to James Cameron’s Titanic. Pictured: Senior Shannon Burton (front row, 4th from left) led a group of Honors first-year students on a journey through popular archaeology in her Honors 135 course.